A beautiful and immense proof to His Royal Highness Crown Prince Moulay Rachid's drive to succeed, symbolizes a faith, an approval and obviously, an economic security in the great nation of Morocco.

Because of the important role Crown Prince Moulay Rachid had and is playing, relations between Morocco and world have attained new levels of strategic partnership with willingly develop political dialogue and work to strengthen peace, stability and security in the world.

At heart Crown Prince Moulay Rachid is a thoughtful, gentle man who has been largely responsible for the phenomenal push for the development of the Kingdom.

It is this drive to succeed that increasingly surpassing all expectations of the world and grabbing the attention of international heavyweights, statesmen, and the people of this globe.

Crown Prince Moulay Rachid’s efforts are not only measured in fiscal terms but also in His pioneering and progressive leadership, coupled with the wealth and strength of willing supporters at home and around the globe.

Crown Prince Moulay Rachid, a leader loyal to establishing democratic Morocco, places His country's interest over any other concerns, which consent to ability to enhance structure of state and the welfare of its people.

The impossible dream turning Morocco into a democratic country, where every one is equal, and where anything is possible and possibilities are infinite, can only happen under the leadership of Crown Prince Moulay Rachid whose vision embodies phenomenal transformation of Morocco from poor villages and cities to one of the world's most inspiring trade and tourist hub.

The bottom line is: the Kingdom of Morocco can only entere a new era when King Rachid, now Crown Prince Moulay Rachid, accedes to the throne.