The e-journalist Tarik Essaadi, a founder of several sites that enrich the national and worldwide canvas, including and L’, suffered from exhaustion that caused breakdown to carry out work on the opening evening of the Marrakech International Film Festival (MIFF).

That kept him from covering the MIFF as he did over the last few years.

His absence has not escaped the attention of the President of MIFF, His Royal Highness Crown Prince Moulay Rachid, who pays close attention to what is written about the festival, especially what Tarik publishes on his sites.

When Crown Prince Moulay Rachid inquired about his absence, He learned a bad news.

Inspiring reaction: Crown Prince Moulay Rachid without delay paid a surprise visit to famous e-journalist.

Instantly, the generous His Royal Highness Crown Prince Moulay Rachid decided to pay the hospitalization costs of Tarik.

This gave a hope to this young father loved by many people for both his professional and human qualities.

We wish him a speedy recovery.